Removal of all PTC and other spam websites from

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Removal of all PTC and other spam websites from

Jim Westergren
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There are hundreds of websites about PTC (paid to click advertisement) on Most of them are filled with advertisement and add nothing of value to the internet. Much of this advertisement is also classified as very shady. Some of the pages displays more than 50 advertisements per page (banners, tracking, scripts, popups, popunders and so forth).

Most of these PTC websites receives a very large amount (1-30 thousand of visitors per day) of very low quality traffic from automatic surfing, bots and so forth.

Some of the PTC websites are also involved with pornographic traffic.

According to some sources on the internet the PTC business is full of scams, fraud and spam.

Based on all this info has now classified PTC as spam. And spam is not allowed on according to our terms of service.

From 7 days from now on the 19th of February 2016 all websites on about PTC (paid to click advertisement) will be deleted.
Any such new websites started after that day will be promptly deleted without warning.

The owners of these websites has until then to move to another website provider and move their content. Many providers can be found by searching on Google. Take a backup with all files here: /admin/backup.php

A big warning with a link to this page has been sent today via email and also in a big notice on top of all the admin pages for the websites this relates to so that they have sufficient time to backup and move.

There is no exception and no appeal on this decision.

This is done to protect other websites on

Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards, abuse section
12th of February 2016
/ Jim Westergren